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Creative Placement CPM
Wideboard Desktop 994x250pxROS90
Halfpage Desktop 300x600px (sticky)ROS110
Wideboard Mobile 320x160pxROS80
Rectangle Mobile 300x250px (600x500px Retina Display)ROS80
Wideboard Desktop Fix per Week1st Pos. - ROS1900

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Creative per Day
The Pulse (wednesdays)Picture Ad 570x250px300
Text Ad350
The Big Picture (fridays)Picture Ad 570x250px300
Text Ad350
The Market Daily (mondays to saturdays)Picture Ad 570x250px400
Text Ad500


Supplement The Market enclosed in Neuen Zürcher Zeitung (Copies: 80'000; Readership: 239'000) and as ePaper to over 35'000 Newsletter subscribers
Issue Date Insertion Deadline Copy Deadline
February, 26th, 2021February, 12thFebruary, 19th
May, 19th, 2021May, 5thMay, 12th
October, 1st, 2021September, 17thSeptember, 24th


Prices in CHF gross excl. 7.7% VAT if applicable

Media Data

themarket.ch350'000 PI10'000 Users
Newsletter "The Market Daily" (6 x monday to saturday)32'00032% open rate
Newsletter "The Pulse" (1 x wednesdays) - for The Market subscribers only15'00037% open rate
Newsletter "The Big Picture" (1 x fridays) - for The Market subscribers only15'00037% open rate


Ruedi Minger

Sales Director

Sales Director

Ruedi Minger
Sales Director The Market
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